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Think it, build it, scale it.

Here at DBiz Solutions, we’re not just Product Engineers – we are Product IMAGINEERS.

We believe in empowering our clients to turn their business ideas into reality. With our expertise in the latest technology stack, we build scalable and effective products that amplify their outreach to target customers. Our phased release approach ensures market validation and reduces the risk of being outdated. It’s not just a practice for us, it’s part of our DNA that makes our customers successful in every venture we engage in.


We always start by understanding our clients’ ideas and aligning them with their vision to bring absolute value. Through discovery sessions, we listen to end-users from all verticals, setting up review and control boards to design solutions in sync with current capabilities. We use various techniques such as breakout sessions, customer interviewing, and proof of concepts to uncover the unsaid and create a product roadmap.


This is where we bring ideas to life. Following Agile practices, we build incrementally and huddle back to ensure alignment with the objective. We actively design, develop, test, and deploy periodically to keep the product relevant and easy to manoeuvre as per the trends. We use a phased release structure to reduce time-to-market and validate ideas with early feedback. Backlog prioritisation, sprint ceremonies, and automated testing are some of the key aspects we cover in the engineering phase.


The product is live and in use, but our work isn’t done yet. With flexible support models and close to zero downtime, we ensure that the system stays up and running smoothly. We work hand in hand with your service delivery team to maintain high satisfaction rates and quickly fix any bugs that crop up. And with monitoring and logging tools, we empower your business with key metrics on product usage and performance. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest.

Meet the crew!

You can’t talk about a community without talking about the people that make it. We’re a passionate bunch, each with our own specialities, and we always love to talk design and tech!

Feel free to reach out to any of us if you run into us at conventions, on social media, or anywhere really!

Roni Joseph Puthenveettil
Head of Community, Product Engineering

Hiking enthusiast, evolving cook and life of the party!! 

Rachana Bhandurge
Product Engineering Lead, Australia Studio

Convergent thinker and empathic listener, a plantsman, and an artisan. 

Divya Kannan
Product Engineering Lead, India Studio

Curious about anything to do with Analysis/Analytics. Plant lover.

Whatever role you like?

The power of inception

At our Product Engineering community, we believe in the power of an idea. We’re here to help you turn your vision into a reality, taking your concept from inception to launch and beyond. With a focus on understanding your needs and formalising your vision, we materialise your idea into a tangible product concept. Our team of experts then vet the concept with prototypes, plan and engineer it, and test the market with a pilot release. We work with you to scale and enhance your product, evolving with the changing trends to ensure that your idea stays relevant and impactful. Together, we bring your vision to life.


We’re not mind readers, but we come pretty close. Our discovery sessions will help us uncover what you need, want, and even what you don’t want. From there, we’ll create user personas, map out future states, and build UI samples that are guaranteed to impress. We’ll even build POCs to validate the assumptions and ensure that the end product is flawless.


Designing and engineering your product isn’t just a job to us, it’s our passion. We’ll plan the implementation, set up automated deployments, and even migrate data across platforms seamlessly. Our testing automation frameworks will ensure that your product works like a charm, and our end-user training will keep everyone upskilled.


We don’t believe in set-it-and-forget-it products. That’s why we’ve got your back when it comes to support programs. We’ll set up service delivery SLAs, monitor and log systems, and upgrade your platform technologies to the latest versions. We’ll even maintain versioning and upgrade logs so that you never have to worry about your product becoming outdated.


Our passion for product engineering is matched only by our commitment to finding the perfect solution for every use case, no matter how complex or unique.

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