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A humane blend of art and engineering

Digital transformation is intense. We’d like for you to have something to hold onto, whilst you set out realising your dreams. Beyond anything, we’re all human. As such, we put humans first, technology second. This means solving real problems, with real people, and providing needs with real solutions.

Scaling, nimbly

We came from big agencies. Loved the scalability. Not so much the maneuverability.

We are passionate about tech, enjoy doing our very best, and love to help people* realise their dreams. In tech, that means moving fast. But also having scalability at your disposal.

So we chose to scale big, but operate small.

* clients, colleagues, users, anyone, everyone.

Art & engineering

The best solutions come from a healthy mix of experts in different areas working in symbiosis. For us, it’s the combination of art and engineering that helps us design and build efficiently.

Instead of throwing the problem over the fence, our cross-functional teams ensure all the parts blend together properly, all the time.

Tech VS meets human

We build interactions between users and their devices …… but digital transformation itself is also about a bond between humans.

Whilst we ultimately build software, our process focuses on empathy, collaboration and enjoying the process – together!


Happy employees

Flexibility and scaling are paramount to any web based projects. We employ teams worldwide, so we can scale whenever, wherever.


Happy clients

Part of our commitment to working with anyone, is that we want to enjoy ourselves! So when we say happy, we mean it!


Completed projects

We can contribute to a wide range of projects. From simple PWA’s, to full-scale digital transformations, we’ve done it all!

Global communities

Expertise is fed by collaboration between individuals.

On our projects we run deep cross-functional teams. But within our organisation, we learn from each-other’s experiences. Communities dedicated to areas of expertise allow for R&D within each space, enabling access to field experts across the world!

This spreading of knowledge also helps us scale easily. We’re able to easily add or replace resources, thanks these collaborative efforts.

An iterative journey

Destinations aren’t reached overnight … and our needs today differ from our needs tomorrow.

We want to provide you the software and solutions you need today.

Whether it’s Agile or any other form of iterative delivery; together we will get to your destination, quick.

Culture & fit

We believe that culture has a big impact on projects. That’s why we constantly work on our ability to adapt to wherever we deliver and whomever we deliver to.

For both you and us, the best way to accomplish that is to have bases of operations all around the world.

Happy clients!

We love going above and beyond the transactional relationship.

Instead of sitting at the sidelines, we can integrate into your organisation and help you change the way you approach digital.

These ongoing partnerships mean our teams & our clients can continue learning and delivering new experiences.