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We Create Modern Digital Products and Offer Digital Services.


Making the transition to digital services by replacing the reliance on paper forms and improving the overall user experience has benefits to both organizations/agencies as well as customers/end users. These include Reduced costs, Reduced time to market, Improved efficiency, Higher transparency and Full auditability along with high levels of customer service.

Create revolutions with an interactive digital experience!


The use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises and create a new revolution in customer-centric digital era in all industries using digital advances such as analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices as well as improving their use of traditional technologies!


We aid in developing digital business strategy that ensures a sustainable competitive advantage in alignment with your business objectives. Know how to transform your business strategy into a successful new business model


We help in designing and implementing your customised digital information strategy leveraging digital competences that eventually leads to commercial success. Click here to implement your tailor-made business strategy.


With our Digital Transformation practices, we introduce world-class talents with a pool of expertise that guides in implementing your digital marketing strategy. Experience the adventure of digital journey through DBiz.

A top priority for all businesses and organisations.


Creative Solutions

Your digital identity is the visual symbol that influences all your future progresses.  DBiz creativity does it with a passion to bring forth uniqueness and innovation of your business strategy.

- UX / UI Design
- Logo & Graphics Design
- Animated Graphics
- Content Development
- Web Banner Ads

Digital Services

Our digital services control the industry and digital capability to deliver effective and sensitive experiences to our clients making them reach their customers anywhere, anytime by harnessing their potential through our digital platforms.

- Design & Strategy
- Apps Development
- Maintenance & Support
- Legacy Sys Migrations
- QA / Testing Services

Social Solutions

Expand your digital presence through perfectly designed digital marketing strategies that rules the world of social media creating a strong network that promotes your business ensuring maximum reachability.

- Strategy design
- Design & Development
- Activation & Advocacy
- Community Monetization 


Marketing has never been this much data dependent and technology driven than ever before. Our digital analytics incorporates multiple sources, both online and offline, and analyse customer data enabling you to refine your business strategy.

- Business Intelligence
- Artificial Intelligence
- Mobile Platform Analytics
- Social Analytics
- Digital Analytics

Strategic Projects

Create a healthier vision and a unique selling proportion for your products through our effective enterprise solutions. Our low-code platform can create a systematic interconnection of an enterprise and its resources.

- E-commerce & Integration
- Low-code/Agile Processes
- Augmented Reality
- Virtual Reality
- Intenet of Things (IoT)


DBiz products focus on “being digital to doing digital”. With a remarkable control over the digital economy, DBiz strategically embraces all the available possibilities to deliver transformed products to its customers through digitalization. We also tend to develop a multi-channel solution for rendering an integrated customer experiences.


digital Secured Data Rooms

A Virtual Data Room Solution that enables you to securely access, share and protect important data such as business information, calendars, documents, contacts and many more.

Key Features
- Gives access to all your files wherever you are.
- Share with anyone on your own defined terms.
- Security is always first.
- Workflow management.
- Tracks changes of your files
- Mobile and desktop clients - and many more...


digital Point of Sale

A modernised billing software that allows you to maintain your daily business transactions at ease. It helps you to create customised report and provides you an option of online business.

Key Features
- Billing
- Stock Management
- Financial Accounting
- Manufacturing / BOM
- Barcode Printing
- Customized Reports
- SMS Integration
- and many more...


Office Biz Solution

A unique software that organises your client files or projects under Outlook along with email, calendar, contact, task and notes for professionals for their practices management.

Key Features
- Files (Client)/Projects
- Document Management
- Emails/Phone Calls
- Calendaring/Time Sheets
- Tasks Management
- Team share/Collaboration
- Expenses, Invoicing/Billing
- Payment Tracking/Notes
- and many more...


integrated Enterprise Resource Planning

An integrated platform that improves the health of your organization and keeps your sight on the long term goals. Easy to use features that an enterprise requires.

Key Features
- CRM and Selling/Buying
- Inventory / Manufacturing
- Billing / Payments
- Projects, Helpdesk
- Leave, Expenses / Payroll
- Retail Web PoS
- Website / Shopping cart
- Reporting
- and many more…


With overflowing online information, knowing where to start is highly challenging. Every day, whether it is developing your own entity or employer’s business or pulling more number of clients ultimately, everyone is eager about how quick you deliver your results. If you aim at accomplishing things in a unique way or if you are determined to derive at the right answer, just relax you are on the right track.


In this rapidly-evolving world, the influence of digital technologies is increasing day-by-day. With the ever oscillating people’s preferences and competitive avenues, several organisations combat to engrave their identity and to stay par with the digital-connected world. We at DBiz offer our support in overcoming the challenges with ease.

DBiz is one of the fastest growing Digital Transformation Company that embraces strategic operations with the present and future digital shifts in mind. We offer latest digital technological services to enterprises and start-ups in the form of programs or projects and their execution, including business consulting. We provide state-of-the-art, world class digital business solutions and transformation services that help our customers to define and develop their businesses strategies.

Why DBiz?  We specialise in digital transformation and digital solutions that meet our customers’ requirements and ensure that they stay ahead in terms of profitability and productivity in this New Era of Digital Economy.